Sinful “Surnames”


Dub McClish

• Theistic evolution is wrong because evolution is wrong.
• Social drinking is wrong because drinking is wrong.
• Chaperoned dancing is wrong because dancing is wrong.
• Chaperoned mixed swimming is wrong because mixed swimming is wrong.
• State sponsored gambling is wrong because gambling is wrong.
• Legalized abortion is wrong because abortion is wrong.
• Legalized adultery is wrong because adultery is wrong.
• Legalized pornography is wrong because pornography is wrong.
• Legalized prostitution is wrong because prostitution is wrong.
• Legalized tobacco use is wrong because tobacco use is wrong.
• Legalized homosexual behavior is wrong because homosexual behavior is wrong.
• Legalized same-sex “marriage” is wrong because same-sex “marriage” is wrong.
• “Safe sex” outside of Scriptural marriage is wrong because sex outside of Scriptural marriage is wrong.
• Neo-Pentecostalism is wrong because Pentecostalism is wrong.
• Neo-Calvinism is wrong because Calvinism is wrong.
• Doctrinal “Unity in diversity” is wrong because doctrinal diversity is wrong.
• Little “f” fellowship with error is wrong because fellowship with error is wrong.
• Postmodernism is wrong because modernism is wrong
The Independent Christian Church is wrong because the Christian Church is wrong.
• Fellowship with the “pious unimmersed” is wrong because fellowship with unimmersed persons is wrong.

It is impossible to change sinful institutions, practices, or doctrines into those which are innocent by prefixing harmless “given names” to “sinful surnames.”

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