I Go There Alone

Charles Pogue

Shake off the dust the Lord said and move on
But what if the dust comes from your own home
The enemy He said lives in your own house
He spoke it so true sometimes it’s your spouse

She says she loves me, and maybe it’s true
It’s a different story Lord when it comes to You
I am a Christian she once made her claim
Today she has shown it, it was only in name

I cry every day though she won’t understand
Why tears keep falling from the eyes of her man
He is still wanting to please the dear Lord
While she’s after the world she chases it hard

All I can do now is lift up a prayer
One day she’ll return to the woman who cared
Maybe one day she’ll think on heavenly things
And flee from the world and the sorrow it brings

Lord won’t you help me I prayed that today
Let me stay with you though she wandered away
Give me the joy to seek heaven my home
Though when it comes to my house, I go there alone.

Saturday, 4/13/2019

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