The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane is one of the most touching of all his recorded prayers, if in fact it is not the most meaningful one. It is found in John chapter 17.

This is the real Lord’s prayer! Jesus’ work of teaching the disciples how and what to pray in his sermon on the mount (cf. Matthew 6:9-13) cannot be rightfully called, The Lord’s Prayer. It may be called The Disciples’ Prayer since it was what the disciples were to pray. However, the private prayer of Jesus in the garden may be rightfully called the Lord’s prayer since it was his prayer to the Father.

While Jesus’ prayers were brief publicly, they were longer privately. His private prayer in John 17 consisted of no less than 26 verses as the Savior poured out his heart’s intentions before God. Much may be learned from an indepth study of this touching and famous prayer prayed just prior to the Lord’s vicarious death on the cross.

1) We may know and believe the truth (6-12).

2) We may have joy in the face of an antagonistic world (13-14).

3) We are in the world but not of it (15-16).

4) We are to be holy and fulfill our mission (17-19).

5) We are to be united (20-23).

6) We may partake of his heavenly glory (24-26).

While Jesus perspired “as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground” (Luke 22:44) during such an emotion filled prayer, his unselfish requests help us to appreciate the will of God for our lives. — Gary L. Grizzell

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